The beauty of online bingo is that no two sites are the same. However this can also cause confusion over which sites to play on and how to know which will give you the best deal. To help you out, we’ve come up with a handy guide of what sorts of things make a top bingo site.

Standalone vs Network Sites

One of the main divisions between the top bingo sites is that many are linked to a network, whilst some are standalone sites. Most people associate networked sites with trust and security, being part of a larger group with more responsibility and more experience to offer players. In this instance, players tend to be slightly more uncertain about standalone sites, but by no means does a non-networked site mean a site cannot be as good. Although you’ll probably find that there are less standalone sites that fall within most people’s top 10 bingo sites, there are a few which push boundaries and offer players a whole lot of fun, rewards and great bingo games.

Take BGO Bingo for example – although this site is part of the wider BGO operator which includes BGO Casino, Vegas and Sports brands, it is a standalone operator which isn’t connected to any network, and as such can offer many more possibilities than networked sites. This is just one of the reasons why this brand has become a huge success over the last few years.

As a standalone site, BGO Bingo isn’t tied to any networked promotions in the same way those on the Gamesys network (Sun Bingo, Fabulous Bingo etc) may share a huge promotion in which players can win gigantic cash prizes or amazing luxury items. The same goes for those on the likes of 15 Network (Rovers Bingo, Cheers Bingo etc) or Live Bingo Network (Harrys Bingo, Bobs Bingo etc) which host the same regular monthly deals across all brands, from weekly jackpot games to major monthly tourneys and so on.

However often networked sites will have the freedom to offer additional promotions outwith the networked games and deals. Take for example sites like Sun Bingo and Jackpot Joy, on the Gamesys network. In addition to hosting shared Bingo Linx games and big promotions, they also host a whole load of their own unique competitions which offer plays fun limited-time bingo games, tourneys, huge jackpots and exciting prizes which won’t be found anywhere else on the network. This is what makes them more appealing and all-round top sites compared with average network offerings.

Obviously BGO Bingo and other standalone sites have the freedom to offer this all the time, but it’s about the quality of offers as well as the number of unique deals and features a site can promise players. Luckily BGO Bingo delivers on this promise with their own quirky take on jackpot games and top prizes and competitions running regularly, but the same can’t be said for all standalone operators so this is where many feel that lone bingo brands can’t compete with networks in terms of offering the best or top deals to players.

What do top bingo sites offer?

Whether networked or not, there are a few features that players cite as the reason they rank a bingo site as top of their list. Just like when choosing a new site to play on, there are certain personal preferences players have over whether sites are the best for them. However the top sites usually cover a wide base of attractive features, making them the best all-rounders.

These include things like great welcome bonuses or packages, usually with added value such as a bonus percentage plus free spins, free bingo tickets or a spin of a prize wheel. Of course the higher the bonus percentage the better, but sites which offer an average bonus percentage over 2 or 3 deposits could work out better value in the long run so these are also top sites. No deposits bonuses are also a good indicator that a site is tip top, as they have the confidence to offer you free money to test out the site for yourself, suggesting that they know the site is worth it and that it’s somewhere you’ll want to spend more money on once the freebie runs out.

In addition to bonuses, top bingo sites also offer a variety of the game itself. Now most players expect both 90 ball and 75 ball rooms as standard, but with the anticipation of other bingo options plus a range of jackpots and ticket prices on offer to suit most bingo budgets. A lot of top sites will offer additional games like 80 ball or 50 ball bingo as well as games with additional prizes for 1TG and 2TG players, reverse jackpot games and special games where the prize is linked to the winning bingo number.

All the top bingo sites will also have a highly optimised mobile site or app, which is essential in the rapidly moving world of mobile gaming. Top bingo sites make sure you can access their games and promotions wherever you are at any time of day thanks to highly responsive sites and apps which offer almost (if not) everything you can access on the desktop sites. Some top mobile bingo sites even offer promotions and deals that you wouldn’t find online.

Other fab things which bingo sites offer to put them a cut above the rest are great slot and instant games to choose from, promotions that are unique to them or non-networked and a variety of payment options to cater to as many players as possible.

So there you go, that’s what makes a top bingo site. Now all you have to do is choose which you prefer – standalone or networked site – and compare their bonuses, promotions, games and more here at Bingo Find and you’ll have your own list of top bingo sites in no time!