Are you wondering how the advancement of technology has helped one of the oldest pastimes? Well, based on the below infographic, technology has truly transformed the game of bingo from being a casual gaming activity of an older generation, to a hip activity that has taken stay-at-home moms and other younger people by storm. The demographic that characterizes bingo nowadays is a woman around the age of 38, who no longer has to go to her land based club to enjoy bingo, but she can now do it from the comfort of her home, either by accessing her favourite website via her laptop, PC, Smartphone, Android and iPhone device.

The future of bingo has never looked brighter, with the activity in just the United Kingdom rising to about 155%, and overtaking the likes of online poker as a more popular gambling activity. Revenues are currently at an all-time high, but as more and more bingo sites are providing their patrons with a mobile option, and male penetration increases due to greater offerings, the possibilities are endless. It just seems that bingo and technology go hand in hand, and with such amazing results, this marriage is set to continue until death does them apart.