Nolimit City is one of the premium iGaming companies in the business today. They have produced a plethora of some of the most popular and beloved online slot games. Apart from wonderful mechanics and gameplay, their slots are always imbued with a lot of heart, imagination, and creativity. Among their latest contributions to the world of online, fantasy/science fiction-themed slots, is the post-apocalyptic, culinary masterpiece, Karen Maneater. A fabulous new slot, inspired by some classic games in the post-apocalypse genre, such as Fallout 3 or the Borderlands.

Fusing the grit and grime of Mad Max, with the over-the-top comedic nature of Borderlands, and peppering in references and inspirations from a variety of culinary shows, Karen Maneater slot creates a rich and vibrant world, that any player is sure to enjoy at a top UK casino site. But how does it stack up in the mechanics department? With a high rate of volatility, players ought to expect a couple of dry spells. While some will certainly be bothered by this, others will enjoy the ranging RTP, which can be adjusted from 94% to 96%. To top it all off, it is a fun ride for players, new and seasoned. The low minimum bet of only £0.10, is contrasted magnificently with the £70 maximum bet, and a grand prize, going up as high as 11,757 times your betting total. With all that being said, let us delve a little deeper and look into the game’s theme and general gameplay.

Karen Maneater Slot

Karen Maneater Slot: Theme, Design, and Layout

As we have already stated, the game’s main theme centers around the post-apocalypse. After a plethora of disasters have left the world a barely-habitable waste, food scarcity has become the greatest problem for the surviving humans. And this is where Karen Maneater comes in, whom we first encountered in xWays Hoarder xSplit. Her new restaurant, caters to the lowly wretches, mutants, and man-hunters that have managed to survive in the wreck of society.

Set to a backdrop of a shanty-restaurant, the Karen Maneater slot features, what appears to be a pretty standard 5×3 reel, with an extra 1×2-reel attached to the left-side. However, players will soon discover that, the more they play the game, the more reels are revealed on the board, and the higher the chances for a payout become.

Looking at the board, one would see the creatively-designed symbols, all of which fit the theme of the slot in one way or another. For example, the AK-47 symbol, the mug of beer symbol, and the bomb symbol, all serve as sort of replacements for the generic, J, K, Q, A symbols found on other slots. For unique and high-valued slots, we are looking at the skull-face bounty hunter, the femme fatale, and of course, the red-masked, vigilante.

Special Symbols, Bonus Features, and Gameplay

As with most slots, you will find that Karen Maneater has her own special symbols, that will enhance the gaming experience for you. The Raccoon Scatter symbol can only land on the four reels in the middle. Once you manage a scatter, you will get the expanding reel feature the slot provides. Landing 1 or 2 Scatters converts them to an xWays Symbol, whereas 3 or 4 will trigger the Bonus Meal feature.

The xWays Symbol can only land on the four middle reels, and upon landing, it will reveal a 2-4-sized symbol, increasing the number of paylines. The same can be said for the infectious xWays symbol, which does the same, except the newly revealed symbol is 2-7-sized.

The xBet Enhanced Bet Bonus is another one of the bonuses that Karen Maneater features. Working as a multiplier of the total bet by as much as 30%. On top of that, it greatly increases the chance for a Bonus Meal, as well as guaranteeing a Scatter symbol.

Karen Maneater Slot: Free Spins Bonus Game

We mentioned previously, the Bonus Meal feature. In this final section of the review, we are going to discuss the Bonus Meal feature, how it can be attained, and how it works. By landing on 3 Raccoon Scatters, the game will award the Value Meal Bonus, which includes an extra 7 spins and three xWays. Four raccoon scatters, grant you the Deluxe Meal Bonus, which totals 10 spins and four xWays.

During the Value Meal Bonus, Scatter symbols will appear less frequently. However, once they do, there is a chance that your Value Meal, will get an upgrade to a Deluxe, awarding an additional +3 free spins, and an extra xWays symbol.


With Nolimit City receiving major plaudits for its current crop of games, there’s no reason in the world to believe that it won’t happen again with Karen Maneater slot. Granted, the maximum payout is somewhat lower than what we have come to expect from this provider, but with a hit frequency of once every 330,000 rounds, it is a lot lower than most games from Nolimit City.

On the other hand, if you want to experience some different genres, then Gladiator Legends slot and Hand of Anubis slot, both from Hacksaw Gaming, come highly recommended.