True Grit Redemption Slot Review

Unholster your guns in Nolimit City’s online slot, True Grit Redemption. Heavily inspired by the True Grit novel, as well as both feature film adaptations, the slot takes us to the cold, wintery streets of the wild west, where lawlessness reigns, and a disgraced Marshall attempts to deliver justice to a vengeful young girl. Can you help them achieve their goal?

True Grit Redemption is a 6×4-reel, with an extra three-slot row placed on top. With over 240 ways to win the payout, the slot makes up for its incredibly high volatility rate, and its below average return to player. Though the low minimum set bet (£0.20) might draw the attention of some new bettors, especially the ones coming from new bingo sites, the high volatility paired with low RTP makes this slot not so great for new players. High-stake players will certainly find enjoyment, however. The maximum bet is £100, with the top prize capable of multiplying your bet by 20,220 credits.

True Grit Redemption Slot

True Grit Redemption Slot: Theme, Design, and Layout

True Grit Redemption’s inspirations clearly lie in the Coen Brothers’ adaptation of the film. Wintery, cold atmospheres permeate the game, made all the more powerful thanks to the muted colors and night-time setting. The slot reels are presented as a stack of crates, piled up on top of one another, which really gives one the sense of being placed in the wild west. Remember El Paso Gunfight slot from the same provider? The game simply oozes style, as well as substance.

In keeping with the tradition of the wild west, most of the symbols are heavily inspired by archetypes which can be found in various western films. The woman armed with a small pistol, the dual-wielding Marshall, the tuxedo-clad businessman, and of course, the villainous pistolero are the most prominent symbols featured in this slot.

Apart from the symbols mentioned, the slot also features the classic symbols, that can be found in most video slots. Namely the card suits symbols, going from the 10 to the Ace. It encapsulates the Jack, Queen, and King.

As we mentioned earlier, the game is a 6×4-reel, with an additional row of three slots placed on top, which contributes to the over 240 ways in which players can win the payout in the True Grit Redemption slot. The top three slots can only hold Character or Wild symbols, and once you get a symbol in the top reel, that matches a symbol in the main real, they will both turn into Wilds

Special Symbols, Bonus Features, and Gameplay

There are several special symbols in the game, which can trigger a bonus feature. The xNUDGE wild symbol, for example, is a stacked wild, which can be found in the bottom reel. Throughout the game, it will be continuously nudged, until fully visible. With each nudge, the symbol’s multiplier is increased by 1. Once the xNUDGE wild is fully visible, and you get a winning combination with it, it will multiply your total bet by whatever multiplier you’ve achieved. If, however, you fail to get a winning combo using the xNUDGE, the symbol drops back down into obscurity, until it is nudged back out again.

The xWays symbol can appear anywhere on the main reel but can’t be featured at the top reel. On the other hand, the Infection xWays, you’ve seen it before on the Infectious 5 slot, can only appear in the bottom reel. Once you’ve gotten an xWay symbol, it will randomly transform into a symbol featured on the reel and reveal 2-3 symbols of the same kind, thus increasing your winning chances. The Infection xWays symbol reveals 2 other xWays symbols, and prompts them to infect other symbols, transforming them into the same kind of symbol, causing the reel to expand.

The Grit Girl Symbol, is somewhat of the main symbol of the game, depicting the main character of the movie. It can only land on reels 1-4 on the main reel. The Grit Girl symbol pays out as soon as it appears on 3+ reels, with its value increasing, the more of it there are.

The Reel Split feature doubles all symbols which exist above it on the main reel. The Reel Split symbol can only land on the bottom of the main reel, and each symbol has a splitting capacity of two. The Reel Split cannot affect the Grit Girl Symbol.

True Grit Redemption Slot: Free Spins Bonus Games

The Free Spins game in True Grit Redemption slot is separated into the Torture Spins and Dead Spins. The Torture Spins can be achieved when the player lands 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reel. This will award a minimum of 8 Torture Spins, and a subsequent +1 spin is awarded any time a scatter is affected by a Reel Split award.

Landing 4 scatter symbols anywhere on the board will trigger the Dead Spins Round, awarding, at least, 10 dead spins to the player. The same mechanics apply to the dead spin, as an extra +1 is awarded anytime a scatter is affected by the Reel Split.


Like most of us, you are probably all too familiar with how complicated the gameplay can be for most slots coming out of the Nolimit City game factory. But with a maximum payout of 20,220x your base bet, which can happen once every 6 million rounds, and payouts during bonus features ranging from 69x to 669x your based bet, True Grit Redemption slot comes highly recommended.

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