How Do I Verify My Online Bingo Account?

If you’re looking at playing at online bingo sites, you will at some time or other have to verify your account. If you’re struggling to understand what it means, it’s a policy that is required by law, by all gambling operators to ensure you are who you say you are. First things first – you need an account. Registering a bingo account is as simple as supplying a few details. Once you’ve credited your account, you’ll no doubt receive a welcome offer of some sort. Take a look at our Bounce Bingo review or the Blighty Bingo review and you will see what we mean.

So, what’s the next step? You’re playing bingo and games and you win – great, and naturally, you’ll want to do what we all hope to do; you’ll want to cash out. Actioning a withdrawal can be done in a few clicks within the cashier. Soon enough, an uh-oh moment kicks in and you find that your withdrawal is in pending, and before it will be processed, you’re prompted to send in identification papers.  

How to verify your account

Wow hold back! Is that normal? You bet it is, and we’ve all been through this – if you don’t believe us, you only have to read one of our many online bingo reviews for validation. Proving you are who you say you are is quick and effortless. No need to send your passport through the post – nothing like that, you’ll just need to supply photographic evidence of your passport or driver’s license (or government issued ID card) as well as a recent bank statement or utility bill. You may even find that you need to send an image of the card that you are using, but for security purposes, you can hide the long card number.

Once all this has been submitted, the bingo team will authorise your account and you’re good to go. You’ll only need to confirm your identity the once and usually this kicks in when you reach a certain withdrawal level. You should keep in mind that the same goes for accounts with casino sites in the UK.

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