How to Play Online Slots

Slots games have been a hit as early as the first Liberty Bell, all the way to today’s modern online digital, feature-packed titles. These games took on different formats throughout the years since they were invented, as noted on another, dedicated page on our site. Learning more about the history of slots development is bound to get you some insight into the workings of this contemporary gadget. However, when it comes to actually wagering a portion of your hard-earned cash and opting for a profit, it is best to know the ins and outs of the actual gameplay.

The apparent conveniences of online slots and casinos on the whole have spurred a growth in popularity among players’ preferences. With more and more potential players coming to the fore, it is advisable to learn a thing or two about the actual elements and features, as well as tips on their optimization.

Online Slots

Getting Started with Online Slot Gameplay

In order to play online slots, there are a few guidelines you are advised to follow, at least during your first few sessions. That way, you will get a feel of the different types, develop some skills towards making the right bets, and should you strike a lucky spin, ultimately win a payout that makes it all worth your while.

Step 1: Always remember to choose a game that suits your player preferences. If you are particularly into a specific theme, or would rather enjoy simpler 3-reel action instead of 5-reel multi-payline games, look for the closest match. With online casino sites offering ‘fun play’ modes nowadays, you can give your chosen title a few spins just to be sure, or go through a wider selection if you’re still making up your mind.

Step 2: Understand the slot, i.e. how it works. The elements on the slot reels – the symbols can mean a number of things, and consequently offer various payouts, as explained below. For your particular choice of slot game, make sure to get acquainted well, so as to avoid any surprises later on.

Step 3: Place a bet. Once you have the game figured out, find the bet size button, as well as the number of paylines you would like to bet on (if they aren’t fixed).

Step 4: Spin those reels! Make sure to check that all settings are according to your preferences and click on the ‘spin’ button, marked either with a word of arrow(s) going full circle. Keep this up until you feel like playing, just don’t forget to keep an eye on your budget between spins.

Online Slots Key Elements – Symbols, Features & More

The symbols depicted on the reels are an important constituent of slots. Make sure to check the slot’s paytable – an overview of the whole list of symbols and their payouts depending on the combination you manage to land on the slot’s paylines. For the most common 5-reel video slots, these range from 3 to 5-symbol combinations per line, with corresponding payouts.

Stay with the slot’s paytable for the next part as well – the slot’s features. Most of these are normally triggered by landing a particular symbol, or a combination of some. In this regard, there are a few types of symbols that regularly appear and trigger such in-game slot prizes, including:

Wilds – The ‘Wild’ is a frequent symbol in online slots, mainly intended to substitute any of the other regular symbols in an attempt to trigger more wins. Inspired by wild cards found in board and card games, this symbol contributes to the slot’s payout potential and should be taken into consideration.

Scatters – A scatter is normally a special symbol, one that triggers an additional feature. Not that Wilds don’t have that option sometimes, but Scatters in particular tend to be related to the free spins, bonus rounds and other ‘extra’ gameplay.

Multipliers – These are fairly common as well, and mainly come in a few sizes. In other words, a single slot can have several types of multipliers (say x2, x4 and x5), and their function is to increase the landed win by the number of times they specify.

While these are the most common symbols, and would easily be distinguished after some free-play spins on the slot, it is always advisable to turn to the payout table. With all slot elements, symbols and features’ payouts listed in there, it is definitely a more comprehensive overview of all a title has to offer.

Tips on Playing (& Winning) Online Slots

Online slots use RNG algorithm tech, so there is no knowing how the reels will land next. Still, despite lack of prediction possibilities, some players have identified a few simple yet effective tricks to up their chances:

1. Use your bonuses – Slots are very often included in specific player bonuses and regular offers. In fact, just like no deposit bingo bonuses award their own newly registered players a free game of bingo, so do the top online casinos offer similar no deposit offers getting new players started on their way. Other bonuses will also come along throughout your gameplay, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

2. Understand and use special features – If a slot has a particular feature, such as a progressive jackpot, bonus round, multiple promo offers, or even a gamble feature after a win, see if it fits you and use it to the max.

3. Practice bankroll management – This is a must for any player, not just slot enthusiasts in particular. Healthy and sustainable bankroll management keeps players and their families happy, provided for, and ultimately victorious.

4. Maxing out your wager could also be of help, especially in cases when this detail is featured in the slot’s information, and save yourself a spot among the top winners.

On the other hand, if you want to learn how to play bingo, and you are not familiar with all the talk in the chat rooms, you can read our comprehensive bingo lingo guide so you don’t feel left out.