There is no doubt in the continuously growing popularity of Norse mythology across all forms of entertainment. From movies, through shows, books, video games, all the way to interactive gambling products and releases, Yggdrasil’s Age of Asgard slot is yet another proof of this. Nevertheless, with a unique battlefield-like slotscape, highly inspiring symbols and more than rewarding features to boost, there is much to be noted about this instance of Norse homage in particular.

Age of Asgard Slot

Where Good Meets Evil

Surprising as it may be, Age of Asgard’s slot screen will provide for a window to some epic battle scenes. The eternal clash between good and evil intertwined across Norse mythology is once again inspirational to slot developers, now prompting the Yggdrasil team to create a whole new 2-in-1 setting.

Before anything else, online casino players are greeted by a most visually pleasing depiction of winter and snow on the Scandinavian mountains. Framed into a wooden structure, the slot’s reel grid is additionally decorated by wooden, carved-like figures on both left and right. Each represents one of the sides in the imminent battle, accompanied with a fire burning in either red or blue.

The side of the Good is represented by the Gods – top slotscape, while the interests of Evil are defended by Monsters – bottom slotscape. Each of these has a 5×3 reel grid with 20 paylines paying left to right, i.e. 40 in total.

More importantly, both for the storyline and the potential payouts of this slot title, is the range of symbols across each grid. The upper slot grid features three female Goddesses – high paying symbols, as well as four corresponding low-paying symbols inspired by Norse mythology. Parallel to this, the bottom slot grid of Evil features three Monster-like symbols as high-paying ones, along with four low-paying symbols alike its benevolent counterpart.

Speaking of the payouts, winnings are bound to come to players’ side much sooner than the awaited Battle of Ragnarok. Being a mid-volatility slot with a calculated 96.2% RTP, players can get their money’s worth for as little as 0.005 or as much as 5.00 per payline. Adding up, bet sizes range between €0.20 and €200, with a default bet size set at €2. And just before we move onto the features that make it all come true, any time you think of leaving Odin and Frigg behind, know that the ultimate prize they have in store for Age of Asgard slot players is a jackpot payout of €488,860.

The Wrath of the Vikings – Stacks, Clashes & More

History has shown that there is more than one way for the Vikings to express their wrath, and this is yet another re-iteration of the known. This slot has symbols and reels enough to trigger features for an army, and a battle is what you’ll have with the Double Machine feature. It is actually the main game, with a slotscape split into two separate grids of Gods and Monsters.

Wilds are a different matter – they are three symbols tall and one each is available per “army”. Every time they land, they trigger a respin, and if you manage to fill the whole screen with it, you will receive the Ragnarok Big Win that pays out 19,200 coins in the main game or 24,000 during the Free Spins round.

But before we get to it, there is one more divine clash to be fought – the Clash feature. Some may be put off by what seem to be complicated wins, but even the new bingo sites going live each day can’t provide the same thrill as this epic clash. Landing a full wild on the same reel at top and bottom parts of the slot simultaneously triggers the feature. This awards 4, 3 or 2 random wilds in addition to the initial ones, depending on whether the two are natural or nudged, or a combination of both.

Spinning to Victory

Much like Thor, Frigg and Odin’s beloved son spun his hammer towards victory, players will be able to do the same with free spins on the Age of Asgard slot’s reels. Landing 3 free spins symbols on either top or bottom slotscape triggers a 10-free spin bonus round played through on a merged 5×6 grid. Three free spins on each of the slotscapes is double the reward – 20 free spins, and known as the Ragnarok free spins round. Bear in mind that only high symbols are found during this round, and with 50 instead of the regular 40 paylines to boost, players definitely have payouts to look forward to.

Even if you only land x2 free spin symbols on one part of the grid, the Randomizer is consolation enough for missing Ragnarok, paying out up to 1000 coins, or actually upgrading you to the epic battle free spins round.

Concluding Thoughts

Norse mythology may seem like an extensively exploited theme, but nothing alike what Yggdrasil have released in this title. Age of Asgard slot is worthy to the legendary characters, fights and worlds overall, solidifying the software developer’s name all the more into Scandinavian folklore, from whence it came about. If you fancy winning big prizes, Sahara Nights slot is also recommended.

You can play the Age of Asgard slot at 888 Casino, Rizk, Guts, Casumo and BGO