Jumanji Slot Review

With all the hype about the Jumanji rework released a year ago in 2017, there was good reason to believe that different industries would find a way to incorporate it into their products. Among the leaders of the eGaming segment in particular, NetEnt has surprised everyone by turning to the original 1995 picture. Despite lacking Robin Williams, one of the leading co-stars in the picture, the Jumanji slot has still managed to spark everyone’s excitement, both with the excellent quality of the product and the great marketing and promotion behind it. Also worthy of your attention, the recently released Lost Relics slot, also from NetEnt.

Jumanji slot

The Animals Are Taking Over – On & Off the Reels

The overall theme, layout and design of this NetEnt release is founded on the dominant elements of the Jumanji movie, so players would expect to find both humans and animals alike. However, the game’s developers and designers have decided to go with an all-animalistic approach and bring out the jungle power. The backdrop, sound effects and mesmerizing graphics and animation all emphasize the entire idea inspired by Jumanji, but the greatest effect is achieved through the reels and their elements. Namely, this slot from NetEnt has reanimated all the animals of the Jumanji movie as the regular symbols on its reels, as well as adding a few special ones for the additional features.

How Does It All Spin Out – Jumanji Slot Expectations

The slot’s reel grid has a rather specific 3-4-5-4-3 structure, with the alternating number of rows ultimately used to create an even greater payout potential. Betting on the slot can range from as low as £0.10 up to £200 per spin, notwithstanding the fact that there are 36 potential paylines that can be activated.

In order to spin the outcome to your advantage, it is crucial that you know exactly what would be advantageous for you. Thus, players are recommended to distinguish between all the animals standing as symbols, the Lion, Crocodile, Rhinoceros, Monkey, Pelican and carnivorous Vines.

Contrary to these higher-paying symbols, low-value ones include cards J, Q, K and A. Ultimately, there are additional symbols to make sure it meets all expectations, as you will see soon enough. These combine to make several different features, all rewarding and rather enticing, especially if you are looking for entertainment primarily. These include Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem and the Wild Stampede feature, each doing their best to make the highest paying combination.

What’s the Deal Breaker?

With all the wilderness in the Jumanji slot, there is still a need for something more to boost excitement and the rewards players are able to win. While the symbols mentioned earlier do offer hefty payouts, it is the special features that are the real deal breaker in most slot titles. The Wild is relatively standard among these, with the ability to replace all other symbols except the Scatter. As for the Scatter, symbolized by a wooden box bearing the Jumanji logo, a minimum of three landing on the reels will be needed to trigger their special feature.

Namely, such a landing results in the Bonus Board Game where players get to move a token across the board fields, based on the outcomes of rolling a pair of 6-sided dice. Three Scatters on the reels trigger 6 dice rolls, 4 Scatters – 7 rolls, and 5 Scatters trigger 8 dice rolls. Moving the tokens according to the rolls gets you going across the board, and should you land on the field in front of a feature, it will be triggered.

The Mystery Feature is one such option, awarding players based on the landing place of the Free Spins carousel with a coin reward of 2x up to 10x the bet. Basic Coin Wins and Extra Rolls are also available options, but it’s the 4 Free Spins features, one on each corner of the board that motivate players the most. These include the Vines freebies which retrigger free spins if the initial spin lands a win, as well as the 7 Monsoon Free Spins. The Monkey Free Spins feature awards 6 spins, and the Stampede – 5.

Jumanji Slot: Concluding Thoughts

The Jumanji slot is without doubt one of the most expected slot releases of the year, and this is all thanks to the developing company’s proper advertising. The less information they provided, the more players were prompted to think and develop an idea about the product. As dangerous as this may be, the team of developers have definitely managed to live up to everyone’s expectations, and surpass them. If you are into movie themed slots, then you should definitely try out Planet of the Apes slot, available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

You can play the Jumanji slot game at Rizk, Guts, Casumo and BGO