It seems that it is hard to come up with new themes for slot games, since all available ones have been used, more or less. Following the success of the Japanese themed Matsuri slot, Play’n GO’s Viking Runecraft slot is based on a standard and pretty common theme – Vikings, but it includes features and characteristics that can rarely be found in other slot games. The main trait is the unique 7 by 7 grid on which the symbols appear, very different from the standard 5-reel, 3-row outline which is featured in most video slot games.

Viking Runecraft slot

Seven by Seven Grid and Non-Standard Paylines

As the grid is non-standard, this game doesn’t feature a classic set of paylines, and it can be played with as little as 10p, and a maximum of £100 per spin. You simply select the amount you would like to wager, either by clicking on the specific button for each stake amount, or by using the plus and minus buttons to increase/decrease your wager.

The symbols are all Nordic, including five symbols representing stones each engraved with a particular letter, which are symbols of lower value, as well as four standard items of Viking warrior equipment – a pendant, a typical Viking axe, a helmet and a large sledgehammer.

Every combination, either horizontal or vertical that is consisted of at least 5 symbols is a winning combination. The payout increases depending on the number of symbols in a combination, with 15 or more symbols you will get the highest possible payouts. A combination of 15 or more hammers pays a total of 1,500 coins.

The symbols fall on the grid much like in a game of Tetris, as there are no standard reels that spin. After every winning combinations, the symbols that formed it, explode, leaving room for extra symbols to fall down, and potentially form another winning combination.

The Charge of Destruction

You will notice a meter on the left of the reels and it is filled after every win. When you manage to fill it with a single spin one of the 4 Charge of Destruction features will be activated.

The Judgement of Jörmungand will cause the destruction of a range of symbols, forming an unbroken chain from one side to the other. All of the chosen symbols will be substituted with a randomly chosen single symbol.

The Fury of Fenrir causes change in four diagonal lines, two are entirely removed and substituted with random symbols, whereas the remaining two are substituted by the same symbol.

The Lure of Loki targets two particular symbols that are randomly chosen. One is removed from all positions and substituted with random symbols, whereas the second symbol will be substituted by a one specific, also randomly chosen symbol.

Last but not least is Scorching of Surtr, where three symbols are alighted and the fire spreads randomly to a number of neighbouring symbols. As the symbols burn, new ones drop onto the grid. If the meter is filled once again during any of the four bonus games, the Ragnarök feature will be activated.

During the Ragnarök bonus feature, you will see the Charge of Destruction turn into a special bonus feature and if your winnings include a range of various symbols while the Ragnarök is active, you will be rewarded with a multiplier. You can gain a multiplier of up to x15. After the Ragnarök expires, the Charge of Destruction will be back.

Viking God Features

Norse mythology has always an integral part of Viking culture. Viking Runecraft slot features four different God features which are activated randomly after a winless spin. The God of Thunder turns between 5 and 9 symbols into wilds. The God of Wisdom turns 4 symbols into two pairs of wilds. The god of Guarding substitutes one symbol in each row with a wild and the God of Beauty creates four groups of wild symbols within a smaller 5×5 part of the grid.

Winning symbols that form combination during any of the God features create the Runes of Valhalla bonus where up to 5 winning combinations including rune stones will be formed. You need to get at least one rune stone combination to activate it.

Something Completely Different and Refreshing

An extra-ordinary game with bold features and a rather original look and outline, Viking Runecraft slot will capture the hearts of all Viking aficionados among slot players. The winning opportunities are quite high, and the bonus features guarantee that time will pass faster than you think while you’re playing this innovative game.

Try out Viking Runecraft slot at Casumo, BGO, Guts and Rizk to experience the Norse mythology