The Battle of the Bingo Networks

Online Bingo Networks

Online bingo sites have been around for quite some time now. Not only that these adorable destinations have brought the popular game to players’ computers and mobile devices, but they are pretty popular too; they offer generous bonuses to new players, juicy rewards to loyal customers and, most importantly, a friendly atmosphere for bingo fans to play as well as socialise.

However, even though those unfamiliar with the concept of online bingo often focus on finding new bingo sites or no deposit bingo sites, experienced players know that what a bingo site offers largely depends on the bingo network it belongs to.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand bingo networks, how they function and what makes them special. After all, every online bingo player out there will confirm that there is a real battle of bingo networks going on; and possibly the ones to profit the most by it are players.

Bingo Networks Explained

Logically, a bingo network is a network made of two or more bingo sites. There are literary all kinds of bingo networks out there in terms of size; some networks consist of only a few bingo operators, whereas others boast with over 20 partners.

Generally speaking, each bingo network has its own strategy when it comes to bonus offers, chat rooms, games and even support. For example, new players at a site belonging to one bingo network may be welcomed with a £10 no deposit bonus, while new players at a site belonging to another bingo network may be given free tickets as a welcome bonus, and so on.

Similarly, since all sites that are part of a bingo network usually share the chat room and the support service, players satisfied with the customer care provided at one site that is part of a bingo network can expect the exact service at another bingo site of the same network.

Some players would say that bingo networks ruin the online bingo market because they make the experience monotonous. However, bingo networks also improve the experience since they help sites to work together and provide better services, higher bonuses and larger communities.

Different Bingo Networks

Since online bingo has become widely popular and sites try as hard as possible to attract new players, the number of bingo networks has been on the rise too. Therefore, in order to make a good pick in terms of bingo rooms offered, software used and bonuses provided, it’s very important to get familiar with the leading bingo networks currently operating on the market.

Bellow, we will list some of the top bingo networks and provide useful information about them. This should be more than enough to recognise which one of them suits your needs as a bingo player the best.

Live Bingo Network

This bingo network started as a small network of a few Cozy Games powered sites. However, over the years it grew to become one of the most popular bingo networks among players. The Live Bingo Network (LBN) includes some of the best no deposit bingo sites on the market and boasts some excellent bonus offers. Players at sites belonging to the network will be able to play classic games such as 90 and 75-ball as well as less popular 80-ball and 30-ball speed bingo variations. Live Bingo Networks destinations have a good deal of attractive rooms and great chat moderators.

There is, however, one negative aspect of playing at LBN sites – customer care. Experience has shown that support agents at LBN aren’t as well prepared as they should be considering the number of players they are expected to serve. In terms of welcome offer, even though the bonus may change over time, new players at most of the LBN sites are welcomed with a juicy £15 no deposit bonus;

15 Network

Using the Jumpman Gaming bingo software, the 15 Network of bingo sites officially hit the market in 2011. This network managed to build a good name for itself over the years and it’s known as a refreshing alternative of networks that share the same software and games. It is interesting to point out that 15 Network sites do have their standalone offers and try to create a unique experience for players, even though they are part of a network.

The Jumpman software used by these sites doesn’t require download and all its games are instantly available. In addition to cool bingo variations, players at 15 Network bingo sites can expect side games such as slots and casino games. Another recognisable feature of 15 Network is the Spin the Wheel game offered to new players that can grant them a prize from £5 to £2500 upon a £10 deposit;

Dragonfish Bingo Network

Anyone familiar with online bingo has certainly played at a Dragonfish powered bingo site. Dragonfish is the ultimate bingo software and it’s used at over 100 sites; this number constantly grows too. Sites of this network usually offer 90 and 75-ball bingo as well as multi-line bingo. The platform is nicely designed and easy to use, plus it supports mobile play.

However, since it’s found at lots of sites on the market, it may become a bit overwhelming to those that seek a unique gaming experience. When it comes to bonus offers, it’s hard to say there’s a rule except for the 4x wagering requirement. Some sites offer a no deposit welcome offer, while others don’t; nevertheless, they all have attractive 1st deposit and reload bonuses on the menu;

Gamesys Network

This one’s truly special. The Gamesys Bingo Network sites, aside from the Gamesys bingo software, share certain special games. The rest at the sites is usually standalone and therefore playing at Gamesys operators rarely gets monotonous. Players at these sites can expect some mouth-watering linked jackpots and popular bingo variants (90, 80 and 75-ball);

Virtue Fusion Network

Similarly like Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion is bingo software found at leading bingo sites. Those sites form another huge bingo network simply named Virtue Fusion Network. One of the trademarks of this network is the Bingo Linx jackpot network that offers some of the industry’s highest bingo jackpots. The platform delivers attractive games as well as side games that provide endless fun to players that appreciate top notch software, competent chat masters that can help you verify your bingo account in no time and playing on the move;

Ignite Bingo Network

Even though pretty small in comparison to giants such as Dragonfish and Live Bingo Network, Ignite Bingo Network is a strong player on the market nonetheless. It is interesting that the bingo sites that form this network use the Dragonfish bingo software, but they somehow manage to distance themselves from the rest of the sites using the platform. A quick glance over all Ignite network sites’ welcome offers reveals that newbies of the network are welcomed with £5 and offered additional 300% deposit bonus on their first deposit along with support by some of the best chat moderators out there;

Joy of Bingo Network

Home to some pretty well-established bingo operators, Joy of Bingo Network has a lot to offer to players. Possibly the best thing about JOB sites is their linked loyalty scheme that lets users of various JOB sites to earn loyalty points in a single account; The result, naturally, is a large number of points that can be converted into cash, free tickets etc. Another linked feature are the jackpots of side games; thus, players can expect massive payouts on popular picks like Fluffy Favourites and Piggy Payout.


The attractiveness of the ever-growing online bingo market has provoked the formation of numerous bingo networks. Each of those network offers both positive and negative aspects to players. One network offers industry’s leading bingo rooms and the other pampers customers with free cash; one bingo network provides top support and the other boasts with massive jackpots. At the end, all that matters are the player’s personal preferences and expectations. Therefore, this is the best time to take advantage of the great battle of bingo networks and join the one that suits you the most.