Why It’s Good to Play Bingo Chat Games

Most online bingo sites in the UK host 90-ball and 75-ball games, jackpot games, and even slots and casino games, but there’s another whole side to playing bingo on your desktop or mobile that you might not have even realised existed.

Chat games are an existing and innovative part of the online bingo experience that allow you to make friends, play for extra prizes, test your knowledge, and enhance every visit to your favourite site.

Roomies that play together stay together

While regular 90/75-ball bingo games allow you to talk to other roomies using the chat facility, many players find themselves too busy checking their cards and counting down the numbers needed to grab a prize to converse as much as they’d like. Other people, however, want to socialise more, and that goes beyond talking about what everyone had for breakfast or the latest film they watched. Plus, not everyone in the room is always playing bingo – they might be taking a pause between games or learning the ropes as a newbie.

Therefore, chat games are a great way to get to know your fellow players and chat hosts while having fun, and they’re less competitive than bingo games as the prizes are usually small and consist of loyalty points or BBs. Another benefit is that there are more prizes to go around.

Put away your pennies

To-date, we’ve never encountered a single operator that charges its players to play chat games. This is probably because (as we’ve just mentioned) the prizes are usually small bonuses, and the aim is to get as many roomies as active as possible. Chat games add an air of fun, excitement, and community spirit to the chat rooms, making them a nicer place to play in than room where barely anyone says a word. So, you’ve nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by joining in with these free games.

Everyone can be a winner

If you’re familiar with the 75-ball bingo variant, you’ll know that there’s usually only one prize to play for. With 90-ball games, there’re typically prizes for a full house, one line, and two lines, which also means that it can take a little time for one of your cards to win you a share of the cash. Because at least half of all chat games aren’t purely luck-based, you’ve got a higher chance of winning a prize.

For example, some chat games feature trivia questions where the fastest correct response gets a reward. Even the luck-based games still require fast fingers and an alert brain as you might be required to type a number or phrase when a particular ball number is called out, and if the other roomies aren’t as quick as you, you’ll be the one getting the prize rather than having to share it.

Chat games can make you a genius

Maybe ‘genius’ is a slight over-exaggeration, but it’s true that you can give your brain a much-needed workout and learn new things by taking part in chat games. Medical experts say that exercising your brain can to help to lessen the risk of dementia, and also combat depression. So, playing bingo chat games could actually make you a healthier, happier person!

Some chat games require you to perform quick mental calculations, name a word that rhymes (or typically follows) another word while others might test your knowledge of pop music, general knowledge or geography. Even if you fail to get a correct answer the first few times, you’re bound to learn something which might come in handy in future, and the more chat games you play, the quicker your brain will respond.


In a nutshell, bingo chat games offer you additional chances to win, the opportunity to extend your social circle, extra prizes, more fun, and some scientifically proven health benefits – all free-of-charge. What’s not to like? Why not head over to your favourite bingo site to discover more about chat games right now?

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