Chat Moderator

If you love to play online bingo and you’re a sociable, bubbly, and helpful person by nature, you may well have wondered how to become a bingo chat moderator. Chat moderators (who are also referred to as chat hosts) are found at almost every new bingo site. Their role is an essential one as they help the games run smoothly, answer questions, keep players’ behaviour in check, keep the conversation flowing, and run fun competitions, chat games, and quizzes.

While it sounds like a whole lot of fun and relatively easy work, not everyone has what it takes to become a bingo chat moderator. As we’ll explain shortly, chat hosts perform a demanding role, have to constantly multi-task, and aren’t necessarily paid a lot for what they do. That said, there are still some very good reasons to pursue a career as a CM/CH.

What skills, experience, and qualities do chat moderators need?

Many job adverts for chat moderators ask for previous experience which, if you’re a big online bingo fan but have never performed a CM role, can be very frustrating. However, don’t let this put you off. Remember the saying, “You won’t know unless you try”, and if you can convince the operator that your other skills and experience make you an ideal candidate, you may well get interviewed, short-listed, and even given the job.

If you truly want to become a bingo chat moderator, you’ll need endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm, and the ability to remain switched on at all times. You’ll also need to be able to think on your feet, act as a figure of authority while also remaining approachable and friendly, be happy to work shift patterns, and be patient and clear when answering players’ questions and explaining game rules.

To become a bingo chat moderator, it’ll work in your favour if you clue-up on your bingo lingo. We’re talking about ball calls (e.g., Number 9 = Doctor’s Orders; Number 13 = Unlucky for Some), as well as the bingo-specific abbreviations that are used in chatrooms such as 2TG (2 numbers to go), WD (well done), and GL (good luck).

Can chat moderators work from home?

One thing that prompts some people to become a bingo chat moderator is that the hours and location of the job are often flexible. Of course, not every operator is happy for their CMs to work from home; so, it’s always best to enquire prior to submitting your job application if there’s any doubt. Chat hosts are usually required to work shift patterns as many sites operate 24/7, and this can be appealing to parents, carers or people whose personal circumstances don’t allow for the standard 9-5. On the flip side, if you enjoy lengthy lie-ins and weekends off, you may find that shift work isn’t for you.

How much do you love playing bingo?

Asking an online bingo fan how much they love playing bingo might sound like a stupid question. However, it’s one that you should seriously consider if you want to become a bingo chat moderator because chat hosts don’t get to play games on-the-job. Therefore, you may find you have a lot less time to get online and play. Plus, if you gain a CM job at your favourite bingo site, you probably won’t be able to take part in its competitions and games as long as you remain an employee as it’s considered a conflict of interest.

How much training is required?

This varies from site-to-site, but most operators provide their chat hosts with a paid or unpaid training period in which they can learn more about the brand, what games and promotions are on offer, and the specifics of the chat games that are available.

Where can I find chat host vacancies?

If you’re still eager to become a bingo chat moderator, you can start searching for job vacancies right now. Simply type “chat host jobs” or “chat moderator jobs” into your internet search engine, and you’ll find several options to choose from. Some operators advertise their jobs directly, but there are also various internet forums that list current CM vacancies. We wish you the very best of luck in your job search!