While the online bingo community anxiously awaits to see whether Season Bingo will change its theme in a couple of months, the people behind the bingo site are making sure the popularity of the website was not a fluke the first time around and extends well beyond the Christmas period. In order to keep their player’s attention sustained, they have come up with a massive promotion called the £200,000 Jolly Jackpot game. It has been scheduled to play on Saturday February 27 at 8pm and as the name suggests, £200k will be up for grabs.

£200k Jolly Jackpot Game

This is a 90 ball bingo game, which means the cash prize will be split into three, right? Well that’s right, but Season Bingo will be dishing out an equal share of the prize to even those players that their cards did not score a prize. Here is how the entire prize fund will be split. The Full House winner will take home a huge £50,000 prize, the two line winner will scoop £30,000 and the one line winner will receive £20,000. The remaining £100,000 will be shared evenly amongst all other card holders.

Cards for this big game can be purchased now from the game lobby at a cost of just £1 each, while each player will be limited to just 96 cards. The total number of cards issued for this game will be capped at 600,000, so make sure you purchase your cards now. Keep in mind that the more cards you purchase, the higher your share of the £100k worth of real cash will be. The promo is open only to players that have funded their account.

Are you a newbie to Season Bingo?

If you have yet to fund your account, all new players will receive a 300% welcome bonus when they deposit anywhere from £5 up to £20. If you make the most of this offer, that will give you a sufficient bankroll to buy enough cards for this game (and many more), so you can increase your chances of winning an even bigger piece of the prize.

Click here to win a share of £200k at Season Bingo