Dino Bingo is about to bear some impressive teeth with their new promotion, just like their counterparts in Jurassic Word will do at the global box office this weekend. The Dinos Do Disney game has been scheduled for Tuesday June 30 at 9:30pm and the winner of this 75-ball game will be the first roomie to call bingo on the Coverall pattern. While Dino Bingo is saying that you can enjoy a holiday to Disneyland in Paris as a family, you can actually choose to go anywhere you like. And since the prize comes in the form of £1,000 in cold hard cash, you can actually spend the money any way you see fit. So you can expect some prehistoric thrills and spills with this promo!

Barrels of fun for free

You can purchase your tickets for the Dinos Do Disney game in advance from the lobby at a cost of £2 each or you can trade 10 Diamonds at the Diamond Store for a freebie. But Dino Bingo is giving everyone the opportunity to earn free tickets until Monday June 29. All you have to do is top up your account and you will get some freebies. When you top up your account with £10 in one go you will get 1 ticket, when you top up £30 you will get 5 tickets and if you top up your account with £50 you will get 10 free tickets. The maximum number of tickets you can either purchase or earn for free is capped at 96.

The Smoking Hot £5k Jackpot

As if that wasn’t enough, Dino Bingo is hosting a T-Rex size sliding jackpot on Sunday June 14 at 9pm with a possible £5,000 jackpot up for grabs and a guaranteed £500 cash prize. What is so terrifyingly good about this game is the fact that is free to play, with all players getting 6 tickets to participate in. In order to be eligible for it, you must have funded your account in the last seven days, so if you haven’t, a small £5 deposit will grant you entry into the Smoking Hot £5k.

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