As the title suggests, the new promotion at Monkey Bingo will give you the chance to escape the UK, whether that’s during your summer holidays or simply whenever you feel like escaping your daily grind. What is even more amazing here, is the fact that the prize comes in the form  of £1,000 in Thomas Cook vouchers, so you can decide where to  swing off to for your holidays. As you can understand, there’s  lot of fun to be had here. The Ape Escape – to play on the 75 ball variant – is planned for Monday March 30 at 9:30pm.

You can go ahead and purchase your cards for the game from the lobby at a cost of £2 each or from the Diamond Store for 10 Diamonds each. But you don’t even have to do that, because Monkey Bingo has set up six very easy challenges so you can earn your cards for free. You have until March 29 to collect as many as you can, the maximum number of cards allowed is capped at 96. Every time you complete a challenge, a banana will light up in the lobby informing you that you have earned 16 freebies, that’s how much each challenge is worth.

The first challenge requires you to play 20 bingo games, the second one to stake £100 on any slot games, the third one to deposit £30, the fourth one to stake £20 on the mobile games of your choice, the fifth one to stake £20 across your preferred games of bingo and the sixth one to win £50 across the instant games available at Monkey Bingo. All free cards will be allocated to your account on the day of The Ape Escape, while in the event there are multiple winners, then the cash alternative of the prize will be shared equally. So whether you fancy a sunny break to Cyprus, a visit to the bustling energy of Amsterdam, or experience the vibrant mosaics around Barcelona, Monkey Bingo is your ticket for the perfect escape.

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