The lure of playing at Robin Hood Bingo is set to intensify over the next few weeks, as players are trying to make their way into their upcoming the Grand 55 jackpot game, scheduled to play on Tuesday September 30 at 10pm. This sliding jackpot game has a guaranteed prize worth a massive £7,500, with both sets of 1TG and 2TG holders getting their hands on a share of the loot. There is no way of purchasing cards for this game, you simply have to earn them until Saturday September 27.

The ‘Win Free Grand 55 Cards’ room is now open and features a bingo game on a nightly basis that plays at 10pm. Players who call bingo in this room will be given free cards into the big game, with each player being able to earn up to 96 freebies for the Grand £55k jackpot game. These freebies will be allocated into a player’s account within 96 hours after the game is finished, while players can monitor the number of cards earned by visiting the Grand 55 jackpot room and by clicking the ‘available tickets’ section.

As this is a sliding jackpot game, the cash prize for the winner will depend on the number of balls called out. There is a stunning £55,000 prize for anyone who calls bingo between 24-26 balls, £20,000 will be up for grabs if someone calls bingo between 27-29 balls and £10,000 will be given out if a Robin Hood Bingo player calls bingo in 30 balls. After that, the winner will take home a still healthy £5,000 prize. But that’s not all, players with 1-to-go cards will get to split £1,500 and players with 2-to-go cards will get to share an extra £1,000, which goes to show how generous Robin Hood Bingo is.

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