Are you wondering what games are currently clicking with Tombola Bingo players? The brand new and exclusive game of Pulse is surely catching everyone’s attention because they can scoop up to £20,000 by spending anywhere from 10p to £2. A guy from Stafford in the West Midlands walked away with £5,000 from Pulse and said: ‘Thank you for my win. I’ve recently had a heart attack so a well-deserved break is in order. It’s come at the right time.’ We couldn’t agree more!

Bingo 90 continues to be at the top of the list and just this week, a lady with the pseudonym ‘canberra’ from Weston-super-Mare, the seaside resort in North Somerset, scooped a nice £1,647 progressive bingo jackpot. Commenting on her win she said: ‘I was so delighted. I have been with Tombola since day one. As hubby and I are retired, we were saving to go to Tenerife for Christmas and New Year, so this will pay for that.’ She concluded by saying: ‘I want to thank all the people in the red room for their kindness and good wishes.’ This goes to show how important the community factor is at Tombola.

Cinco is another fan-favourite, and a few days ago, a young lady from Telford that goes with the nickname ‘nattywinsagain’ ended up with a £2,000 windfall. When asked about her win she said: ‘Thank you so much for my jackpot. I was actually writing my shopping list for camping when I won, needless to say the camping has now been upgraded to clamping.’  The same game awarded £500 to the player with the alias ‘davek38’ from Cambridgeshire who said: ‘I was very chuffed to get the win. I would have shouted but due to throat cancer I have no voice box. I still managed to let the wife know I had won though.’

Will you be clicking your way to Tombola?