Do you fancy winning an amazing family day-out prize for some much needed quality time with the rest of the members of your family? If the answer is yes, then you will love the Tea Party bingo games that are scheduled to play at Fancy Bingo on Sunday August 31 at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. The first prize is a family day out at the Alton Towers, the second one is a two-day family pass to Lego Land and the third prize is an Annual Merlin pass giving the winner access to some of Britain’s most popular attractions.

Unfortunately tickets for these cool games cannot be purchased from the lobby, but they must be earned by collecting Tea Cups. The more Tea Cups you collect, the more games you will be able to access on the big night. You can collect one Tea Cup every time you stake £5 or more on any slot machines available at Fancy Bingo between August 4 and 27. The Alton Towers game can be accessed by anyone who has earned between 2-8 Tea Cups, for those who have earned between 9-16 Tea Cups they will get to enjoy the Lego Land game too, while anyone who earns between 17-23 Tea Cups, they will be able to take part in all three games.

All qualifying players will have to go to their respective bingo rooms on the night of August 31 so they can pick their 6 free cards into each of the games they have qualified for. Remember, if you don’t show up on the night, all the hard work you put into collecting those Tea Cups would be for nothing. All three prize games will play on the 75 ball variant and the winner will be the first player to win on the Coverall pattern.

Win family prizes at Fancy Bingo