The Wild West days are here! That is exactly what is happening to Bingo Cams as the super technologically advanced bingo site is going out with all guns blazing. That’s right, members at the site will have the chance to scoop £75,000 in cold hard cash, as part of the free weekly games, the amazing prize draws and the Wild West rooms. It all takes place now until August 31, so make sure you huddle up with your roomies and enjoy The Wild West Summer.

Bingo Cams players are asked to collect Golden Bullets, between July 14 and August 30, by winning a bingo game on the Full House in any of the Wild West rooms. There are seven bingo rooms, namely High Noon, The Shootout, Second Chance Saloon, The Cowboys Rollover, The 3 Amigos, Whiskey Chasers and Daily Dosh. By collecting just a single Golden Bullet, members will be able to participate in the Free Weekly Gunslingers Saloon for the opportunity to win a share of the £600 jackpot prize. Three winners will each get £200, while £25 guaranteed games will play from 10pm onwards for 12 rounds.

All members who win any prize in the Gunslingers Saloon games will be invited to the £1,000 Showdown semi final  that will take place on Sunday August 31. Two members will scoop £250 each while one member will take home £500. Additionally, from 7pm onwards, and for 12 rounds, BingoCams, will be hosting £50 guaranteed jackpot games. Finally, anyone who wins a prize in the Showdown games at 7pm, will be invited to the Steal the Sherriff’s Loot £5,000 Final Showdown.

The Final Showdown will feature 12 rounds of guaranteed jackpot games and a massive £5,000 game with the loot going to just one lucky Bingo Cams member. If you are new in town, that would be Bingo Cams, you are in luck, because a small £10 deposit will give you entry into the free weekly £600 Gunslingers Saloon game.

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