What defines a bingo site? It can be anything from their progressive jackpots attached to their slot machines to their guaranteed jackpot games. It all comes down to the cash prize that is up for grabs. The game that plays every Friday at 9pm at Kitty Bingo, known as Cash Flash, has recently changed to a £10,000 Slider game where now players enjoy an additional £9,000. That is right, the Kitty Bingo jackpot has increased tenfold.

The card price is 20p per card with 72 as maximum cards that can be bought in the game, which can be purchased in advance from the Prebuys tab in the game lobby. The game is a 5 Line Bingo, also known as the Swedish Bingo. The prizes have been broken down as £400 up to £10,000 Sliding jackpot for the 5 line win and £150 for 4, 3, 2 and 1 line. The number of calls also has a role in the sliding therefore if you bingo in 25-45 calls, you can find yourself with the £10,000 prize, bingo in 46 calls to win £4,000, bingo in 37 calls to win £3,000, bingo in 48 calls to win £2,000, in 49 calls you will get £1,000, in 50 calls you get £800, in 51 calls you will catch £700, in 52 calls you will catch £600 and in 53-75 calls you get £400.

Make place for the £10,000 game that will come sliding onto your plate every Friday at Kitty Bingo. If you’re not part of the furry family yet then sign up at Kitty Bingo and get a 300% match bonus plus up to 35 free spins on your first deposit plus enjoy 7 days free play in the Newbie room. It’s all happening at Kitty so make sure you join their lively community.

Play to win the £10k Slider Jackpot