So if you are not taking a dip in a pool or splashing around a beach, you can always visit Harrys Bingo this July and win up to £1,000 per game in their newly launched Sunny Summer Dip promotion. Simply soak up the sun and play these profitable games every day, at the top of the hour, and you can end up with up to £1,000. If you call bingo on the Double Sundae pattern then you will double your winnings in bonuses, while the Grand Lemonade games are £1k jumping jackpots with a minimum £50 prize. The former play from 1am to 12pm and the latter from 1pm to 11pm. Tickets are just 10p each.

If you prefer 75 ball games, then the Grill and Chill promotion will give everyone the chance to scoop £1,200 in guaranteed cash prizes. The first game is on July 10 and has a £300 Tango Jackpot, the second one is on July 20 and has a £400 Crispy Jackpot while the third one is on July 30 and has a £500 Grill Jackpot. There is no way of purchasing tickets for these games, you can simply earn them for free. For every £10 you deposit you will receive two free tickets.

The Oyster Hunt will be taking place in Harrys Bingo 90 Dosh room and all you have to do is collect Oysters so you can trade them for bonuses. The one line winner will get 1 oyster, the two line winner will get 2 oysters and the Full House winner will get 3 oysters. Winnings will be credited every Sunday and you can go ahead and trade every 15 oysters earned for £1 in bonuses. The 80 Bistro room will continue to offer 4 hours of free bingo on a daily basis, so make sure you don’t miss out all the fun and prizes.

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