St. Mark’s Square, Rialto Market, Bridge of Signs and Santa Maria della Salute are just some of the places you can visit in case you happen to be taking a holiday to Venice in Italy. You can even be a little bit cliche and hire a gondolier or simply ride the vaporetto down the Grand Canal and it will feel as if you have just stepped into a 17 century painting. So after all that, how would you like to win a holiday to Venice? If the answer is yes, then you will be happy to hear that Fancy Bingo is having a brand new competition called Bin-GO to Venice that will take place on Thursday July 31st at 9pm and will play on the Coverall pattern. That means the first player to cover their entire bingo card will be declared the winner of this awesome prize.

While cards for the Bin-GO game are available from the Fancy Bingo lobby at a cost of £5 each, the bingo site is giving players the chance to earn some free cards into the big game through a couple of different ways. Every time a player makes a deposit during any Sunday in July they will earn 10 free cards, while the no-lose qualifying games will play every Wednesday and will give all participants at least 1 card. These penny games will dish out 60 cards to the Full House winner, 40 cards to the two line winner, 30 cards to the one line winner, 20 cards to 1TG holders, 10 cards to 2TG holders and 1 free card to everyone else that took part. The maximum number of cards allowed for the Bin-GO game is capped at 96.

The entire holiday package is worth a cool £650 and comes in the form of £500 in Thomas Cook vouchers for return flights and hotel accommodation and £150 in real cash so the winner can use it as spending money. The winner has the option to receive a £650 cash alternative, but in case there is more than one coverall winner, then the monetary value of the prize will be shared equally amongst them. So if you are looking for a nice summer getaway at a location that never loses its capacity to enchant locals and visitors alike, make sure you check out this new Fancy Bingo competition.

Win a holiday to Venice at Fancy Bingo