Kitty Bingo is unleashing big money through its 8 new progressive jackpots which will soon be set off in their 90 and 75 ball rooms. Can the meow be put into bingo? Let the cats at Kitty Bingo unveil this mystery for you by playing their bingo games.

Whisker your way to the 90 Ball Progressive, 75 Ball Progressive, High Cut Progressive, Low Cut Progressive, Lucky Numbers Progressive, Magic Number Progressive, Goodie Bag Jackpot and Party Games.

Load your bingo lobby and pick any 90 ball room in which you could win the 90 ball progressive jackpot by calling bingo on the required number of calls. To get to the 75 ball progressive jackpot, play in any 75 ball room and cover the given jackpot pattern to seize the big amount. Which do you prefer, high cut or low cut? At Kitty Bingo, both high cut and low cut will appease your taste since both are progressive jackpots which can be won on a low number range 1-4 for Low Cut and on a high number range 86-90 or 71-75 for high cut.

Luck will swipe you off your feet in the Lucky Numbers Progressive jackpot where you will have to select 4 numbers and call bingo on those numbers on a card to win the big cash. You won’t have to go to Hogwarts nor learn any magic tricks to win the Magic Number Progressive since you can win the jackpot by calling bingo on the given magic number in the specific room. Time for you to enjoy some extra treats in Goodie Bag Jackpot and Party Games, in which an extra fixed jackpot and prizes are showered away.

Get into the pawsitive attitude by signing up at Kitty Bingo where you get 7 days of free play in the Newbie 90 ball room and 300% match bonus plus up to 35 free spins on an initial minimum deposit of £10.

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