What would you wish for if a peculiar, but affable blue genie showed up and granted you three wishes? That is pretty much the gist of the new promotion taking place this month at the brand new bingo site of Wish Bingo. The Wish List bingo game has been scheduled to play on Thursday July 31 at 9:30pm on the 75 ball variant, and the winner will be the first player to call bingo on the Coverall pattern. That means that players need to mark off all their card numbers in order to claim one of the three prizes. Cards for the game cost a very reasonable £2 each, especially once you hear what’s up for grabs.

The winner of this game will have to decide between three amazing prizes from a Wish List that the genie himself has conjured up. They include winning a year’s worth of petrol, your energy bills paid for a year and a year of free bingo. In case your wish doesn’t happen to be on the list, then Wish Bingo is giving the winner the option to choose a £1,500 cash alternative so they can turn their wish into a reality. So, which one will you choose?

Since Wish Bingo is a new site and they want to welcome as many players as they can to their bingo rooms, they have decided to host some No-Lose qualifying games that will award players free cards into the game, so they won’t have to buy them for £2 a pop. These penny games that will play every Wednesday at 8pm, will give away lots of freebies as follows: the Full House winner will get 60 free cards, the two line winner will get 40 cards, the one line winner will get 30 cards, 1TG and 2TG holders will get 20 and 10 cards respectively, while everyone else will still get 1 free card into the Wish List game. Additionally, anyone who makes just a £5 deposit at the site between July 1 and July 30, they will get 5 free cards into the game.

Click here to grab £10 free – no deposit needed