You can expect something of a resurgence of interest in Gossip Bingo this month – if it ever went away – thanks to the announcement that they will be hosting their biggest guaranteed jackpot game ever. Jackpot Jane’s red carpet treatment will take place on Saturday July 12 at 8pm in the Red Carpet room and will play on the 90 ball bingo variant with £10,000 in real cash up for grabs. But wait, that’s not all! Gossip Bingo is giving everyone the opportunity to win free tickets into the red carpet without having to shell out £5 for each of those tickets.

Every day from today until Wednesday July 9, Gossip Bingo will be holding 3 mini games at 10pm with lots of free tickets on the line. The Win 5/25/50 Red Carpet Card games will play on the 75 ball variant and will give out to their respective winners 5/25/50 freebies, while ticket prices cost 5p, 25p and 50p respectively. In case there is more than one winner the tickets will be disbursed evenly, while up to 96 freebies can be acquired per player. It can take up to four days for Gossip Bingo to credit the tickets into a player’s account.

This is one of those games that you want to have as many tickets as possible so you can stand a better chance than your fellow bingo buddies. The Full House jackpot is a huge £5,000, the two line jackpot is big £2,500 and the three line jackpot is still a healthy £1,500. In addition to the three line prizes, Gossip Bingo will be dishing out some dough to all the players with 1TG tickets. They will get to split a cool £1,000. Make sure you stick around after this game is over because the After Party will feature games that have a £50 must-go prize.

Win £10k at Gossip Bingo