Tombola, which is regarded as one of the top five bingo sites in the UK, has six bingo variants, namely bingo 50, bingo 60, bingo 75, bingo 80, bingo 90 and bingo lite. The last two are not only available online, but they can also be accessed via mobile and tablet. But, besides all that endless variety of games, the bingo 90 variant continues to be by far the most popular and most played game amongst their fervent patrons. Now it was announced that two lucky patrons managed to win the bingo 90 progressive jackpot in quick succession, netting each over £10,000.

First up it was the lady that is known to the rest of the roomies by her alias ‘laura2win24’ who scored a massive £10,385 payout. The fortunate woman who is from Ayrshire, in south-west Scotland, had this to say about her amazing win: “I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like a dream. Thank you so much Tombola. I am just about to sit my driving test, I’m so excited to go and pick a new car and also to go and book a holiday.”

Then a few days later, a man from Stockton in North East England who goes by the pseudonym ‘lindorules’ received an even bigger windfall worth a staggering £12,248 from the same game variant. When questioned about his win he said: “Tombola has made my day. The jackpot came as a big surprise and it will be a big help as it was my 40th wedding anniversary in January and this will give me and the wife a very good holiday. Thanks again.”

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