Whether it is Cinco, Bingo Roulette or Bingo 90, there is a never ending stream of jackpot winners at the always popular and relevant UK bingo site of Tombola. During May, a number of players from all around the UK have managed to walk away with some amazing windfalls from a range of games. As always, Tombola is no stranger to paying out some very big sums.

A player with the alias ‘bennfred’ from Birmingham ended up with a £1,000 jackpot while playing the exclusive game of Bingo Roulette. Commenting on her win she said: “Thank you so much for my win, I am really over the moon. It’s going towards spending money for my holiday and treating my sons, daughter and 5 grandchildren. My daughter signed me up and is my playmate, glad she did now. Good luck everyone, if I can do it, so can you.”

There was an extraordinary story from ‘westernrose’ from Worcester who scooped £1,000 on Cinco. “On the morning of my win I had to go to town. Outside my bank there was a lady standing on a box dressed as a silver angel, as still as can be. I put some change in her box and then she blew me a lucky kiss and waved. When I got home I thought I would try my luck on the bingo and I ended up winning the jackpot. I was so pleased.”

‘Hazgaz74’ from Coventry was another lucky player at Tombola with a £1,210 payout from Bingo 90. An elated lady was quick to say what she will do with her new found fortune: “Wow, I actually won a JP! I couldn’t breathe, I was so excited when number 63 came out. Me and my hubby are having a few days in Majorca with some of the money and I got us both new iPads too. Now I play Tombola on my brand new iPad and it’s so much better.”

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