If you ask any online bingo player what they would like to know ahead of any game, the answer will be unanimous. They want to know how much they are playing for, meaning, they want to know the precise amount of money they will win in case they call bingo before the rest of their roomies. That is why bingo sites have continued to add guaranteed jackpot games to their schedules, as these ones have a fixed prize, no matter how many players show up for the game.

Sing Bingo has a number of such games on a daily basis, but now they have gone ahead and introduced a trio of new ones that will entertain their members even more. A few names to watch out for in the world of guaranteed bingo jackpots are The Jam Session, The Gig and The Big Break.

The Jam Session plays every Thursday night at 9pm and has a guaranteed jackpot prize worth a nice £250, considering tickets cost just 2p each and players can max out at 96 per game. The Gig takes place every Friday evening at 9pm and while tickets cost a fair 5p a pop, the jackpot prize is worth a cool £500. Once again for those who want to increase their chances of winning they can purchase up to 96 tickets. Both of the aforementioned games can be found under their respective tab in the Jackpots tab and play on the 90 ball variant.

The most lucrative new addition comes in the form of The Big Break. This 75 ball game will entertain players every Monday night at 9pm and features a massive £2,500 prize pool. The one line prize is £500, the two line prize is £1,000 and the Full House prize is £1,000, while tickets are a reasonable 10p each. The chat rooms for all three games will open 15 minutes prior to the start so players can chat to their buddies.

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