The Costa Bingo site is no stranger to some of the most money-making competitions in the UK bingo industry. In fact, Costa Bingo is increasingly becoming the go-to bingo site for those looking to score an amazing loot without having to break their bank account in the process. The website is once again rising to the occasion with their latest promotion called Plenty for 20 which is set to take place on Sunday June 1 at 10pm. A sliding jackpot game that will play on the 75 ball variant, players can expect to win up to £20,000 and a guaranteed £2,000.

The jackpot amount of this game will depend on how many balls are called out before someone calls bingo. Which means the faster someone calls bingo on the Coverall pattern, the bigger the prize will be.  In order to scoop the amazing £20,000 jackpot, players must call bingo within 24-29 numbers, £10,000 will be on the line if someone calls bingo between 30-41 numbers, while £5,000 will go to the winner if they call bingo between 42-45 numbers. Anyone calling bingo after 46 numbers, they are guaranteed to take home £2,000 for their efforts.

Tickets for this game are now available for pre-buy in the Costa Bingo game lobby at a cost of just 20p each, while players who are looking to increase their chances of winning, they can purchase up to 96 tickets. That would cost someone less than twenty pounds, but considering they are guaranteed to walk away with £2k, and can even score £20k, this game is definitely worthy of your attention and money. Even if you are not a regular member at Costa Bingo, why don’t you give this game a go, as a £10 deposit will have your account credited with £50 thanks to their super generous 500% welcome bonus.

Win up to £20k at Costa Bingo