What is the easiest way to earn Diamonds, Sing Points and other prizes at Sing Bingo? Well the answer is very simple, by taking part in their monthly chat tournaments, and for Easter they have an absolute cracker. The Easter Island Chat Tourney, that runs until Wednesday April 30, will be dishing away all of the above as well as a brand new LG-Blu Ray DVD player and a copy of the Easter blockbuster from a few years back Hop, also on Blu-Ray.

The chat games play four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday for two hours in either the Karaoke Nights or the Winner Takes it All rooms. Once a player joins one of the qualifying rooms, they will be allocated to one of five teams, namely The Hoff, Phil, Carlos, E.B and Fred O’Hare. Every time a player calls bingo they will receive 1,000 Sing Points and 1 point for their team. Once the two hour gaming session is up, the team with the most points will be declared the winner and each of their members will receive 5,000 Diamonds each. Only players that have funded their Sing Bingo account can participate while they must purchase 1 bingo card during the chat tourney session.

Sing Bingo will then thrown into a hat the names of everyone that has taken part in these chat tournament and one lucky winner will take home the Blu-Ray DVD player and movie. The draw will take place on Friday May 2. Considering these chat tourneys are almost free of charge, make sure you don’t miss out. For those looking to fund their account for the very first time, they can expect to get a 200% match bonus, meaning if they deposit £10 they will get another £20 free of charge.

Play chat tournaments at Sing Bingo here