Talk about beginners luck! A woman that opened an account at Spin and Win Casino back in January 2014, managed to walk away from the casino with a handsome reward in less than a month from her first gaming session. Over the course of three days, February 21st – 23rd, she ended up with a total windfall worth £38,080 while playing the 5-reel, 20 payline video slot game of Da Vinci Diamonds. The casino identified the lucky lady as someone with the initials L.W who resides in the county of West Sussex, South of England.

L.W never expected such a massive payout, especially after she ended day one with £3,790. That was the result of two wins, the first one coming from a 5-of-a-kind combination and the second one from 25 free spins. During day two, L.M was on a major roll, recording seven big jackpot payouts, ranging from £1k-£2k, with the total amount climbing up to a magnificent £8,540. But it wasn’t until day three that L.M hit the motherload of all jackpots. She ended up with more than £25,000, while just over £10k from that came from a single win after unearthing 5 diamond logos across the reels.

A number of gamblers are making their way towards Spin and Win because it features an insane amount of progressive jackpot games that can change their lives in literally a single minute. The Lost Slots of Riches, Cash Scoop and Cute & Cuddly have three levels of progressive jackpots, namely Mini, Midi and Maxi, while Jazz Cat and Groovy Revolution have 4 jackpots, all of the aforementioned and Mega. So there is a very good reason for giving this casino a well deserved try.

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