The bingo rooms are already buzzing with excitement at Harrys Bingo, as everything seems to be bigger this March. There are a handful of promotions that are not to be missed, ranging from 75 ball to 90 ball games and from 80 ball to slot games. Additionally, roomies will have a field day as the Chat Masters will be running some amazing specials, giving two players every day the chance to win a £15 bonus over a chat. All promotions run until the end of the month and are open to players that have funded their accounts.

The 90 ball room will feature some huge Super Seeded jackpot games that will play daily from 12pm until 10pm. There is a guaranteed pot prize of £75 per game while tickets can be purchased in advance from the lobby at a cost of 10p. In total, Harrys Bingo will be giving away £23,250 from this single promotion. The £200 Shamrock Jackpots will play daily in the 75 ball room at 11pm with tickets costing 50p a pop. But before you buy those tickets, you can acquire them for free, by simply being a high roller or you can get 5 free for every £10 deposited at the website.

In March you can play without paying a single penny from your own money as the 80 ball room will feature lots of free games. These freebies will play during one hour bingo sessions and each player will receive 20 free tickets per game as they vie for £500 worth of bonuses. In the same room, the top three players who collect as many sets of patterns that make out the word F.L.O.W.E.R will receive Amazon Gift vouchers. Finally, Harrys Bingo will be rewarding players who play slots with points. At the end of the week, players will be able to exchange those points for real cash, with up to 10,000 points per week.

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