Why Should I Play Mobile Bingo?

Facebook. Counting calories. Paying bills. Draw Something. Emailing. Nowadays we seldom use our phones to speak to one another – they’re multifunctional devices that are constantly glued to our hands.

And within the past year, something else has come along to make our Smartphones even more indispensable – you can now win cash playing mobile bingo.

Nowadays, almost everybody has a Smartphone, decent Wi-Fi, and a generous data package, and bingo operators have been exploiting this opportunity relentlessly.

If you haven’t tried mobile bingo before, it’s about time you became part of the revolution. After all, Smartphones are expensive, and it’s high time your  gadget started making you some cash.

What’s the difference between online and mobile bingo?

There are some fundamental differences between online and mobile sites. For starters, a mobile phone screen is much smaller than a laptop, so there’s a definite compromise in functionality. The display is far simpler when you go mobile – you’ll find fewer buttons and settings. Some sites lack sound effects, so there’s no caller voice or fanfares when you win. You also find fewer rooms – most sites only have one 75 ball and one 90 ball room – I have yet to see 30 ball mobile, or indeed 80 ball mobile. But here’s some good news – if you’re already a member at a site, you will be able to use your same login details – one account gives you access to both versions of the site. This is perfect if you find it difficult to remember passwords.

Play on the go

No longer must you be tied to your laptop computer – mobile bingo gives you the freedom of the world…well, providing you have decent Internet access. Banish boring bus journeys, and liven up lunch breaks with a few games at your favourite site. Mobile bingo is great if you have a busy lifestyle –you can dip in and out of it wherever and whenever you choose. Just imagine winning a jackpot in the dentist’s waiting room – everybody would wonder why you’re cheering.

Free cash bonuses

Most new bingo sites offer no deposit cash when you sign up online, and a selected few offer even more cash when you sign up to go mobile. Use this cash to your advantage, especially if you haven’t played before. It will give you the opportunity to sample the software, meet the roomies, and interact with the chat moderators, all at no risk to your own pocket. If you like what you see, you can always go on to deposit.

Make new friends

If you’re bored of your current website, then changing your allegiances to another site will widen your social circle. You’ll meet a whole new crowd of roomies, and you will all have the same interest – mobile bingo.

Play slots on the go

It’s not just bingo you can play on your mobile – play slots and casino games like roulette and blackjack. But there is a downside – most online casino sites will have dozens, if not hundreds of slot games but only a dozen or so mobile games. This is because operators are slowly converting their slot libraries to a mobile format – give them a few years to catch up, and soon it will be a slot player’s delight.

Careful how you play

Mobile bingo is lots of fun, but be aware – it’s easier to play in secret, which makes it easier to get addicted. So, set sensible time and deposit limits, and if you think the you’re developing a problem, contact a charity such as Gamble Aware. Providing you remember to play responsibly, there’s no reason why you can’t play a little bit of mobile bingo every day.