One should never underestimate the power that instant games offer to gambling, and more precisely online casino patrons looking to score a five figure jackpot win. That is pretty much what happened a few weeks ago, as announced by the UK establishment of Casino. One of their patrons, who was identified simply by their initials C.W, ended up with a total boon worth an astounding £14,590 while playing the 5-reel, 30-payline video slot machine of Monopoly Plus.

While the total amount was not produced from a single pay-out, but from two, it does sound as if C.W is a high roller considering each of the bets was worth a cool £15. Both wins occurred when Mr Monopoly appeared on reels 2, 3 and 4 to turn them into wilds. The first win was worth a massive £5,990, while the second one was even more stupendous, it amounted to £8,600. The symbol of Mr Monopoly is the wild, which means it can substitute every other symbols to complete winning combinations. There are numerous features a patron can experience while checking out Monopoly Plus, it includes the Board Bonus game, Hot Property, Super Tax Relief and the Level Plus Up among others. All of them are related or loosely based on the classic board game.

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