Something very special is happening over at the bingo site of Bingo Cams, and thanks to their ground-breaking platform, you can catch it all on video. The innovative brand that gives their members the option to turn on their camera and record their big jackpot wins for the chance to win additional prizes, had a few surprises for the rest of the patrons who were watching. This month it gave them the chance to witness a wedding proposal and a massive progressive bingo jackpot win. Talk about keeping people entertained!

In early January, while Danielle was playing bingo in the Bling Bling room, she got one heck of a bling herself when her boyfriend got down on his knees to pop the big question. The answer was yes, while stunned roomies could hardly believe their eyes. They got to see just 12 seconds as that is the maximum allotted time. In case you want to see the scene, make sure you visit the Bingo Cams YouTube channel.

Then on Saturday January 18th, the player with the alias ‘Chillers2’ was caught on camera when she called bingo in 41 balls in the 75 ball hall called the Soho room. The lucky woman who’s been a member at the site for over two years, staked just £1,60 but she ended up with a mind-blowing windfall worth £32,984. The shock on her face is priceless and you simply have to see it in order to believe it. With her new found fortune she said she was planning to buy a new house, while she pointed out that she loves Bingo Cams because there is no other site like it.

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