Alternative Careers in the Bingo Industry

Careers in Bingo

For most of us, playing bingo is a fun hobby where we make new friends and try to win cash. But others fall truly madly and deeply in love with the game, and want to take the relationship a step further.

To do this, you don’t have to marry a bingo machine and be star of your own Channel 5 documentary – to be surrounded by all things bingo, you could get a job in the industry, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

In this article, I will outline some of the potential employment vacancies – some obvious, like bingo caller and chat moderator, and others not so obvious.

Either which way, I hope it will open your eyes to the possibilities that lie buried within the industry.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that some parts of the industry are in decline – attendances are falling in land-based halls, and many operators are boarding up their premises. Where gaggles of hopeful players once sat, marking off numbers with breathtaking speed and precision, pigeons now flap and weeds grow.

However, you only need to watch television for thirty seconds before you see an advert for online bingo – it seems that during the recession, punters are choosing to stay in and gamble as oppose to hitting the town for a relatively expensive night out.

Online and mobile bingo really is the next big thing, and that’s where the majority of employment opportunities exist. But let’s start with the most obvious – the bingo caller.

Bingo Caller

Love being the centre of attention? Are you able to speak in a clear, confident voice? Have you got a sense of humour, are you familiar with all the bingo lingo and are you good at dealing with the general public? If so, you could consider submitting your CV, and possibly a recording of your voice to your local bingo hall. If you’re lucky enough to live in a seaside town like Rhyl or Blackpool, and don’t mind stinking of fried doughnuts all day, there will be even more opportunities for employment.

Bingo Hall Attendant

This one’s all about meeting and greeting players as they enter the hall, so a smile, sensible shoes and bunion-free feet are important. Other employment opportunities exist inside a bingo hall, including catering staff, bar staff, and cleaners. There’s only one downside – you won’t be able to join in a game, because you’ll be busy attending to the needs of your customers.

Chat Moderator

You spend any spare minute playing bingo and bantering in the online chat rooms, so how about turning your hobby into cash? Sites are always on the look out for reliable, fun, and patient chat moderators, and the major benefit here is that you can work from home. This job requires a lot of concentration and a level head – you must understand the rules of the chat games and be able to remain calm and sort out any squabbles that may arise in the chat room. If you’re the kind of person who types dull statuses on Facebook, like, ‘Just done the washing LOL’ then this exuberant job may not be for you. Contact your favourite  sites asking if you can apply for the position.

Forum Manager

Some sites have their own forum, where roomies can get together and banter about their favourite topics. A forum manager is required to oversee all postings – things can get out of control without an overseer. This is a little bit like being a chat moderator – you need to be fair, levelheaded, and friendly. Once again, it’s best to contact your favourite sites to see if a forum manager is required.

Bingo Affiliate

Want to make serious cash while working from home? No, it’s not an Internet scam – bingo affiliates can make many thousands of pounds a month. In essence, a bingo affiliate site is a price comparison site, a bit like Compare the Meerkat. Affiliate site owners steer players through to the main bingo sites, and take a cut of the player’s deposits. Practically every site has its own affiliate scheme, and although it’s not a way to get-rich-quick, this can be exceptionally lucrative, especially if you’re Internet savvy, and willing to learn about a whole new industry.

Bingo Editorial Writer

Hey – that’s me! Every day, I write articles like this for numerous freelance clients. They need fresh and interesting bingo news articles every day, and I crank them out like nobody’s business. To do this job, you need to have a way with words, and a love of all things bingo-related. Why not start your budding bingo journalism career by writing a review of your favourite site? You can then email it to a bingo affiliate, or post it on a forum, in the hope of impressing somebody with your wonderful words.