There is so much at stake this December at Rovers Bingo in their super cool The Grotto, which runs every Monday and Thursday from 7pm until 9pm right up until December 26th. All the Full House winners will walk away with a guaranteed prize, over and above their full house win. But in addition, all winners will collect points that can be redeemed at the end of the promotion for £50 Amazon gift certificates or they can gain entry to win a champagne and chocolate hamper. Talk about value for money!

So in addition to the Full House prize, the extra prize can range from loyalty points and bonus codes to wheel spins and DVD bundles of some of the best Christmas movies ever made from Hollywood. The list includes Four Christmas, Despicable Me, Rise of the Guardians, Nightmare Before Xmas and so much more. Make sure you visit the Rovers Bingo website to check out the entire list of prizes that could be coming your way this Christmas.

During the two hour bingo session in The Grotto, the one line winner will get 5 points, the two line winner will get 10 points and the Full House winner will get 15 points. As you know points at Rovers Bingo mean prizes, and players will have the chance to redeem them for even more freebies.  Don’t forget that the website will be giving away delicious chocolate hampers every weekend from 7pm-10pm in their Hamper Happy Hour. This promo is valid until December 15th and all active bingo and slot players will have the chance to walk way with one.

Win great prizes at Rovers Bingo