The London Jazz Festival is one of the biggest in the world, and it will be running across the capital between November 15th and November 24th. Sing Bingo doesn’t need much of an excuse to run a jazz-inspired promotion, and that is exactly what they are doing with their new Swing When You’re Winning Chat Tournament. It will run from November 3rd until November 27th and participating players can win Sing Points and Diamonds. Moreover, one lucky player will win an iPod Shuffle and iTunes vouchers.

Taking part in these chat tournaments couldn’t be any easier. Whenever a player enters a qualifying room, they will be assigned to one of the following five teams that are named after jazz crooners, namely Tony Bennett, Michael Bubble, Perry Como, Jamie Cullum and Robbie Williams. The tourneys will play every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and will last four two hours. Every bingo win will net the player 1,000 Sing Points and 1 tourney point for their team. At the end of the session, the team with the most points will get 5,000 Diamonds for each of its members.

Additionally, Sing Bingo will add all the players that took part in their latest chat tournaments into a draw, with one lucky player taking home an iPad Shuffle and £15 worth of iTunes vouchers so they can download their favourite music. This promo is only available to real money players who must purchase at least 1 ticket into the games.

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