Hardly a month goes by without a bingo site or a website portal producing another piece of content that describes the UK online bingo scene as a multi-billion pound industry. Granted that is most likely true and we have done it ourselves, but most of the time, we fail to mention that while a number of new bingo sites are starting to pop up left right and centre, especially on two networks, a handful of websites are closing their doors for good.

Just a month ago, Fierce Bingo, which operated on the Dragonfish Network shut down its operations after barely 6 months. As with most bingo sites that are part of a network, they find it very difficult to differentiate themselves from what is already out there, that is why Fierce Bingo was created to attract the gay and lesbian community that played bingo on the internet. Whether that was its actual downfall we will never know, as targeting such a niche market within an already saturated bingo market didn’t strike us as a good idea. That is why we never went ahead to review and promote this particular brand on our website. It looks like we were right!

Now another UK bingo site which is supported by the Play’N’Go software, Zoom Bingo, has been unavailable since sometime in September. Two months down the line, the website still has a generic message that says ‘due to technical limitations, it is not possible to support the site. The management is working on a solution.’ Unfortunately for existing players, they have yet to receive an email to inform them of the current status of the website, while the Live Help feature which is available on the site is always unavailable. Translation, there’s no support team to reply to any queries. That smells a bit fishy to us.

So while the bingo industry as a whole continues to thrive under the great leadership of big minds, that help their brands stand out from what is already currently available, we will continue to see even more bingo sites that have fallen casualties of a saturated bingo scene.