Come Thursday October 31st, Halloween will be celebrated across all North America as it happens to be one of their great traditions. But over this side of the pond, British bingo players can join the festivities without having to leave the comfort of their own home to go knocking on doors for some treats. They can take part in Posh Bingo’s £1k Trick or Treat bingo game that is set to play on that day at 9pm.

But in order to scare up some laughs and mix it up a little, Posh Bingo will be giving the one line winner the biggest piece of the jackpot, while the full house winner will get the smallest one for a change. So, the one line winner will grab a massive £500, the two line winner will collect £300 and the full house winner will take home a still healthy £200. Players can buy their tickets now from the lobby, under the specials tab. They cost 25p each, but this is a terrific way to scare up some awesome prizes, while each player cannot exceed 96 tickets for this game.

Don’t forget that Posh Bingo is portable, which means players can access a selection of instant games and all of their 90 ball bingo games from their Android phones, iPad and iPhone applications. So even if you are planning to be out celebrating Halloween, you can still play the game from your mobile, simply download their app today from the web or scan their QR code.

Go Trick or Treat at Posh Bingo Here