There are so many bingo sites to choose from these days – newbies definitely have to make their mark somehow – and inevitably this means spending an awful lot of money. With Google being fickle with constant updates affecting searches, and social media marketing progressing thick and fast – everything is money, money, money. Online bingo sites can now be found everywhere so in order to make any great inroads in the industry – you need to have a whole lot of capital behind you.

Take a look at Bingo Godz for example who have just launched. They have launched a multi-million pound campaign and the people fronting the project were the founders of those CashCade bingo brands – so they have vast experience in this sector. They are all set to spend no less than 7 figures on a TV ad campaign to ensure that their brand gets noticed. The Executive Director of Gaming Realms has said that he will be “spending pretty aggressively” on the Bingo Godz project  – and in fact they have even hired celebrity Brian Blessed to be the bingo caller!

It’s not just Bingo Godz that has decided to push the boat out and go on TV. Take a look at Winner Bingo who recently launched their “Everyone’s a Winner” TV advertising. Winner Bingo also spent millions on their TV ad that aired in July to promote their £10 no deposit and 300% welcome offer and it definitely caught everyone’s attention. Paddy Power Bingo has also released a new ad featuring a “Hubby Removal Service” – where they take some lovely lady’s husband away so she can have some time to play on the site. The common trend here folks is cash and lots of it and to make a large dent in the market – you need to have not thousands but millions at your disposal.