Over the next few weeks, we will bring you a number of special bingo games that are set to play on the last day of the month, as most UK bingo sites celebrate Halloween. And what a better way to start than giving you all the information you need to know in order to take part in one of the more rewarding games, the Hallowing £5,000 Guaranteed Jackpot which will play on October 31st at 11pm over the popular Gossip Bingo website.

This 90 ball game will have heaps of prizes, as the entire £5,000 prize pool will not only be shared by the three line winners, but Gossip Bingo players with 1TG and 2TG tickets will also get their hands on some cash prizes. The one line prize is £500, the two line prize is £1,000 and the Full House prize is £2,500. Additionally, everyone with 1TG tickets will get to share a £600 prize and everyone with 2TG tickets will split the remaining £400 prize. With those real cash prizes on the line, ticket prices that go for £1 each are more than reasonable.

Gossip Bingo players must purchase at least 2 tickets for this game, while the maximum number is capped at 36. But that’s not all. Gossip is giving everyone the chance to earn freebies by simply playing some of their bingo and instant win games. The first way to get some free tickets is by playing the Supersize Your Chance to Win games that cost a mere 1p each and can net someone up to 12 freebies. The second way is by playing the side games of Casper’s Magic Mirror or Bloodlines. For every £100 staked on these games, players will net another freebie.

Win a scary £5k jackpot at Gossip Bingo