The seven bingo sites that make up the Joy of Bingo network, which includes Bingo Street, RedBus Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo, Big Brother, Wink and 888Ladies, have joined forces for a great cause. October happens to be the Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013, which encourages people to learn more about the issues that people face who are affected by breast cancer. And since online bingo is predominantly played by women in the UK, they have decided to launch Pink Fridays.

There will be seven jackpot games that will play every Friday in October and one game in November, that not only will assist with awareness, but will also help raise money for the charitable organization of Breast Cancer Care. The tickets into these jackpot games cost £1 each, and for every ticket purchased by any player, the respective bingo site will match it and offer £1 donation to BCC.

There is a total of £7,000 that will be given away, starting with two jackpot games that will play on Friday October 11th. They will play at Big Brother and Bingo Street, and each jackpot is worth £500. The rest of the games are worth £1,000 each, with the exception of Wink Bingo, which takes place on October 25th and has a guaranteed prize of £2,000. The two line jackpot winners will take home £50 and the one line jackpot winners will receive £20.

The tickets are now available for pre-buy under the Special tab, and the maximum number of tickets allowed per game is capped at 96. The maximum donation by the Joy of Bingo sites will be capped at £20,000.

Support BCC at Bingo Street