While some parents are loving the fact that the new school season is just around the corner, others are dreading what comes along with it. But either way, with only a few weeks before the start of the new term, Fancy Bingo is bringing out the big guns, which can only mean one thing. One lucky player will have the chance to win Asda vouchers and real cash so they can get ready for the new school season without worrying about money. Kool 4 Skool is now in session.

Fancy Bingo is hosting the Kool 4 Skool game on Friday August 30th at 10pm with tickets now available in the game lobby at a cost of £5 each. But wait for it, it gets much better. Fancy Bingo are giving away one free ticket every time one of their members makes a £5 deposit at the website, as they continue to enjoy their games. This way, they can participate in this awesome game without having to worry about purchasing any tickets. The maximum number of tickets is capped at 96 and players have until August 29th to earn as many freebies as they can.

The winner of the 75 ball game, that will play on the Coverall pattern, will receive £500 worth of Asda vouchers and £100 in cash. The former will allow the winner to get anything from school shoes, uniforms, trainers and anything else they might need, while the latter will come in handy for travel expenses. In case there are multiple winners, then the £600 prize will be shared equally in cash.

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