One of the major trends which has been caused by the rise of the internet and the ease of data transfer is the surge in social activity. People can now use their computers, tablets or mobiles to share information across the globe in an instant. This has had a significant effect on most online sectors, including the rise of social networking sites and online gaming. One of the gaming sectors which has been boosted by this social activity is online bingo.

Bingo has been around for centuries in its traditional form without seeing much evolution until the past decade. The internet has allowed people to connect to games from the comfort of their own homes and log onto games at any time of the day, causing the current ‘bingo boom’.  More recently, the increasing number of bingo sites has been targeting mobile and social play.

People can now connect to games through social networks such as Facebook, allowing them to play with friends as well as gain all the benefits sought from the free flow of information between them.  These sites, such as Zynga, Bingo Blitz and Bingo Bash have grown to have over a million monthly users and there are various benefits and drawbacks of playing bingo in this fashion.

The main disadvantage is that players cannot compete for real money. This acts as the main inspiration and incentive to play and this need simply cannot be satisfied by playing these games. However, there are many benefits for the right sort of player. Social-based games are ideal for beginners, as it provides a simple and free way for them to get some practise. Another plus is that players can see how their friends have been performing and share information about wins etc. One of the factors which appeals to players most is that they can make friends while playing. Players can chat with fellow players and develop relationships as they play.

Overall, the pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons for most players. Unless you’re purely in it for the money, which most players are not, you should try out this relatively new form of gaming.