It took them just over a year since the day of their launch, but has finally decided to go on a major ad blitz in the UK, with the launch of their first ever TV advert. The advert will go live this coming weekend and will last for two weeks, while it can be seen across numerous terrestrial and satellite channels in the United Kingdom. So far we have no confirmation as to which channels will screen the advert, but considering this is part of a multi-million pound advertising campaign, then you can expect to catch the advert at one point or another.

The advert is titled ‘Feel Your Inner Winner’ and sees a woman at a bus station playing at Winner Bingo from her iPhone. She ends up being a winner, which prompts her to start dancing in a bit of a wacky fashion before four, surprised people waiting at the bus stop. The advert concludes by telling you to visit Winner Bingo today to get your £10 free to play, no deposit required.