It can be a little bit of a head scratcher for a number of parents across the UK when you ask them what they plan to do with their children while school is out. While most will have a hard time coming up with a satisfying answer, at least in their children’s eyes, parents who happen to be members at Fancy Bingo will have the opportunity to win a Merlin Annual Family Pass that will keep the entire family happy and entertained. Best of all, this pass will come in handy for the next 365 days.

The Merlin’s Magic game is scheduled to play on Wednesday July 31st at 10pm and cards cost £5 each from the lobby, but Fancy Bingo is giving everyone the chance to earn them for free until Monday July 29th. There are four different ways of earning those freebies and they include the following; during week one, players who call bingo on the Happy Squid pattern will get 5 free cards, during week two, for every £5 deposit they will get another 5 freebies, during week three, players will win 1 free card for every £20 they stake on bingo and slots and during week four, for every win on the Roller Coaster pattern they will get another 5 freebies.

The winner of the Coverall game will receive the Standard Merlin Annual Pass for a family of four people, but they can always choose the cash alternative. Moreover, all players with 1TG will get to share 100,000 Fancy Points.

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