There’s a great deal of mystery surrounding the upcoming Secret Stash bingo game at Bingo Street. And that is because the bingo site, which is part of the Joy of Bingo network, has not revealed the amount of the jackpot. But given how generous Bingo Street is at showering their players with lots of cash on a daily basis, expectations are running high that the jackpot will definitely be in four figures, while others are predicting a five figure jackpot. Either way, the curiosity factor has everyone talking about this game.

The Secret Stash game is scheduled to play on Thursday July 27th at 8pm on the 90 ball bingo variant. That means the jackpot will be shared between three lucky Bingo Street players, unless there is more than one winner per line. In this case, the cash prize will be shared equally amongst the winners. Tickets for the game are now available for pre-purchase and can be found under the Joy tab. They cost a reasonable 50p each, while the game is only available to funded players. The maximum number of tickets allowed is capped at 96.

Bingo Street has also gone ahead and made some changes to their bingo rooms opening times. From now on, the Cheap as Chips room is open between midday and 1am, the Local is open for business from 8am-2am and the Fruity 5’s will be closed until further notice.

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