With the Queen’s Club tennis tournament starting next week, and Wimbledon 2013 less than a month away, the vibrant bingo site of Sing Bingo is serving up some new chat tournaments that are not to be missed. The New Balls Please tournaments will play every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from June 2nd until June 26th, and will give players at the website the opportunity to earn loyalty points, Diamonds and even some cool Wimbledon towels.

The chat games can be found in the Karaoke Nights room on Sunday and Tuesday, while The Winner Takes All room will play host to these games on Monday and Wednesday. Every time a player enters these rooms, they will be assigned to one of the five teams. Every time they call bingo during the two hour session they will get 1,000 points and earn one Tennis Ball for their team. Once the chat tournament is finished, the team with the most tennis balls collected will see each of their members earn 5,000 Diamonds each. In order to join the fun, players must purchase at least one ticket during the games.

But that’s not all. At the end of this promotion, all players that have participated in at least one chat tournament, will have the chance to take part in a special prize draw that will see one lucky player win commemorative Wimbledon towels worth a nice £50. Alternatively, the winner can choose to receive £50 in shopping vouchers.

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