If you like tennis, and love to play Wimbledon-themed online bingo games, then Rovers Bingo has an ace up its sleeve. As one of the newest bingo sites, Rovers Bingo continues to surprise us in a very good way, as the Ace Bingo games will play throughout the fortnight of Wimbledon. They can be found in the new speed bingo room from 8pm-10pm, until Sunday July 7th, and players will have the chance to play more bingo games during this two hour sessions.

During these exciting sessions, the time between each ball count is much quicker, which means that more games will be played than normally, which also means that more cash prizes will be given away than what players are used to. Best of all, it will give players who need some practice the opportunity to learn how to play without having to wait between games. Overall, this is a great treat for both new and more seasonal players.

In addition, every Friday evening at 8pm, Rovers Bingo has decided to launch the £150 Friday Fever Jackpot game to kick off their weekend in great style. Tickets for the game cost just 50p a pop and can be purchased in advance, while a special set of chat games will play between 8pm-10pm and will dish away thousands of loyalty points.

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